Wednesday, November 16, 2011

B is for Butter

B is for Butter Cookies!

This letter was a no brainer... My mom always talks about butter cookies (of which I have never tried), whether it is about Salerno butter cookies or her Great Aunt Evie's cookies. Apparently, they are to die for. So, logically, I had to make them.

First, I had to FIND the recipe. All I knew is that it was in our unorganized cabinet of recipes. After an hour of going through everything in the cabinet I found the old, discolored, ripped piece of paper labeled Butter Cookies.

Before, I get to the recipe, I would like to tell you a story about my mothers horrible cooking skills. When she tried to make these cookies she failed miseribliy! Mind you this was well over 20 years ago. But, anyways, I guess the recipe didnt work for her and instead they melted all over the place in the oven, so based on her culinary knowledge (or lack there of) she decided they needed more flour... which still didnt help so she gave up on the recipe, and into our cabinet it went.

So when I started to make these cookies she was very sure that they were going to melt all over and not turn out so she insisted that I too add the extra flour that she had back in her day... Clearly against my own judgement and everything I learned in school - I listened to her... to which she replied when she tasted them... "These taste very flour-y" ... Well no duh! You told me to put more flour in them! (Note - this recipe doesnt include the flour my mom insisted on putting in, it is the orignal recipe Evie used.)

Here is my Great Great Aunt Evie and her Butter Cookie recipe...

Butter Cookies


1 lb butter (softened)
1 C sugar
4 egg yolks
2 C flour
1 tsp vanilla


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Cream butter.

Add sugar slowly.

Add egg yolks.

Add vanilla.

Add flour.

Scoop onto pan. (Note- my mom says its supposed to be marble size - not pictured - because they are supposed to be bitesize and melt in your mouth.)

Bake for about 10 to 15 minutes or until light brown around the edges.

Eat 'em up :)

My thoughts - They were good. My mom like them - well not the size- but now I have to make them for Christmas for all of our relatives. I took them to my friends house and they devoured them. So all in all, a very successful family recipe!

Until next time .... Shianne :)

Next up is C... I didnt want to do the typical Chocolate, Caramel and Cheesecakes for this letter so instead I chose Cranberries!

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